Packing List for Desire


• Cover ups: A few sarong wraps and/or shorts/t-shirt
• Shoes: Flip flops, beach shoes
• Swimwear: Something that suits your comfort level (not needed, but you may want)
• Pants, shoes, collared or polo shirt, sheer dresses/heels (whatever is your fancy)
• Theme nights: Lingerie, Costumes, and Accessories
• Work out clothes

Travel Basics

• Passport
• Airline tickets
• Desire hotel voucher
• Airport-Desire transfer vouchers
• Off-site vouchers/ information
• Headphones
• Small bills for tipping (not required, but we love the staff and you will too!)
• Kindle/ iPad/ laptop
• Chargers for electronics
• Pen/Pencil
• Hand Sanitizer
• Chapstick
• Sunglasses


• Birth Control
• Cipro for the foreign stomach bug
• Aspirin, Ibuprofin, hangover cures, etc.
• Allergy pills, Benadryl, Claritin, antihistamine
• Prescription meds in their bottles
• Mosquito spray/wipes
• “After Bite” stick
• Benadryl cream
• Dryer sheets for evening mosquitos
• Band-Aids
• Aloe Vera
• Hand sanitizer
• Chap stick/ lip balm with SPF
• Multivitamins
• Visine


• Personal lubricants – some for your room, some for the hot tub
• Personal Wipes – like baby wipes. Nice to have handy for hot tub bed clean up
• Travel pack Kleenex
• Massage oils
• Your favorite toys and accessories – and chargers.
• Barriers (condoms, dental damns, plastic wrap, etc.)
• Sexual performance enhancers


• Yeti Insulated Cup if you want to use your own, the resort does provide regular cups – there are many knockoff brands available.
• Small bottles of liquor for your room (The room fridge is restocked with beer, soda, and water daily.)
• 5-hour energy
• Travel size dish soap for quick cleaning messes
• Hats for the brutal sun
• Goggles for the foam party (if you really want to get in the suds)


• Shampoo/Conditioner (also provided)
• Body wash (also provided)
• Shaving cream/Razors
• Face wash/ Moisturizer
• Lotion
• Hair spray/Spritzer/Hair products
• Curling Iron/Straightener
• Bobby pins/Rubber bands
• Make up/ glitter/ make up remover
• Hair brush/ comb
• Toothbrush/Toothpaste/ Mouthwash/ Floss
• Contact lens/ solutions/ glasses/ eye drops
• Tweezers
• Deodorant

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Our trip runs 11/5-11/12, 2022, if you'd like to come in early, need fewer nights, or a different week, please enter that.
Pricing is based on a FULL WEEK FOR 2 GUESTS, shorter stays will be adjusted. Adding a 3rd person to the room is 50% extra.
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