Dungeon Night

Several years ago, our Dungeon Crew worked with the Desire Riviera Maya staff to design and build equipment that turns the disco into a Dungeon for one night. Our Dungeon includes ample play space with a variety of equipment, a gallery for people to watch, a special viewing area for partners, and a dedicated Aftercare Room. Every year, Dungeon Night has proven to be an immensely popular event and we continue to build on that success & help people fulfill their kinky fantasies!  

Dungeon Night starts off with a service-oriented Dungeon from 7:00pm – 11:00pm. The Service Dungeon features experienced, vetted Service Tops who provide BDSM play to others without a relationship or the expectation of reciprocity. 

All experience levels are welcome, from newbies wanting their first taste, to experienced kinksters looking to push their limits! People interested in bottoming (receiving) can sign up for a variety of BDSM play including impact, rope bondage and sensation play such as electroplay and hot wax. We follow RACK / PRICK principles of BDSM play. This means that every scene starts with the Service Top leading a consent conversation that covers the participants’ wants, desires, interests and limits, as well as health and safety concerns. Whatever your level, the Service Tops’ main goal is to take you where you want to go… safely!

Dungeon Night also includes a Community Dungeon from approximately 11:00 pm –1:00 am.  Community Dungeon is just that – like attending a Dungeon in your local community: bring your own partner, bring your own toys, play within your knowledge & experience level. 

  • Participants are expected to understand and adhere to all Dungeon rules & etiquette (see Rules & Etiquette section), as well as any guidance provided by Dungeon Crew members. 
  • Sexual contact between partners is permitted, as long as it is part of a BDSM scene. 
  • Additionally, some Service Tops might be available to provide co-topping or mentoring – they can help inexperienced folx learn new skills to play safely together, or enable experienced kinksters refine their skills. 
  • Dungeon Monitors (DM’s) will coordinate equipment usage and monitor all play during the Community Dungeon. The DM’s job is to make sure everyone plays responsibly, so they have the final say on matters of safety and what is permitted in the Dungeon. If you have any questions or concerns, they are there to help!

A great deal of effort is being put into making the Dungeon welcoming and accessible to a wide variety of interests and experience levels. Please feel free to reach out to GingerSnap or any member of the Dungeon Crew about anything Dungeon-related, including questions, concerns or even a special scene you’d like to set up!

The Aftercare Room

Kinky play can be a mental and physical workout, and people often need a few minutes of quiet relaxation afterwards. The disco’s playroom will once again be converted to the Aftercare Room, and is only accessible through the Dungeon play area. Everyone playing in the Dungeon is encouraged to use the Aftercare Room, and to bring their partner with them; we’d like to stress that the Aftercare Room is a sacred space where voices are kept low and absolutely no play is permitted.

The Aftercare Room is staffed with experienced Aftercare specialists and stocked with plenty of towels, water and light snacks. We encourage Dungeon participants to bring a robe from their room, as well as any personal comfort items such as stuffies. The Aftercare specialists are there to help – just ask! 

All-Week Palapa Dungeon

We have secured the Premiere palapa (the glass-walled building on the opposite side of the courtyard from the Lobby Bar) for use as a dungeon beginning on Sunday through Friday night, except during Dungeon Night (and afternoon setup beforehand).

Out of respect for people who are not comfortable or triggered by BDSM play, the glass walls of the palapa will be curtained most of the time. With a little notice, the curtains can come down for anything performance-based. This should also allow those who are experienced with suspension to play in the air conditioning while still allowing for the inevitable eager audience!

The Palapa Dungeon will be equipped with a St. Andrews cross, spanking bench and a suspension rig. It will be stocked with fresh towels / sheets and bottled water; if any of these items need restocked or you use the last of anything, please ask the front desk to replenish the specific items needed. 

As long as we can all follow a few simple principles, the Palapa Dungeon will remain unlocked and available 24 hours a day.

  • Participants are expected to understand and adhere to all Dungeon rules & etiquette (see section herein), as well as any guidance provided by Dungeon Crew members. 
  • The Palapa Dungeon is NOT formally monitored; all people entering the Palapa Dungeon do so at their own risk.
  • Keep the curtains drawn and the noise level within the dungeon walls.
  • If you’re planning to do something you don’t do regularly at home, have someone experienced with you. If you don’t have someone, feel free to ask a Dungeon Crew member – but please remember that this is their vacation too, and they may not have bandwidth to help everyone who asks.
  • We love the Desire staff – they take good care of us! Please show your respect for them by leaving the Palapa Dungeon as clean as you found it.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m completely new to kink/BDSM. Can I come to Dungeon Night?  

Everyone is welcome at the Dungeon, regardless of experience level! 

This webpage will provide you with valuable information about Dungeon Night. Additionally, there are humans available to answer questions! 

  • Before the trip, reach out to GingerSnap or any member of the Dungeon Crew via Swingset’s Discord server in the #dungeon channel, or through direct message. 
  • During the trip, look for folx wearing ‘Dungeon Crew’ bracelets – they are always happy to talk about kink!

Do I have to play if I come to Dungeon Night?

No one is required to play! There is ample room for spectators, though we request that voices are kept low out of respect for participants. The play area will be taped off with only one entrance, and play is not permitted across the tape line. Part of the intention is to provide a safe and comfortable experience for all, including those who are only interested in watching.

Do I have to bring a partner to play?

No! If you’re interested in bottoming (receiving), our Service Dungeon features capable, experienced Service Tops who will be happy to take you for as mild or wild of a ride as your interests may dictate! Explicit, informed and enthusiastic consent is always the theme.

We encourage your partner to share this experience with you by accompanying you to the Dungeon – we have a special viewing area for partners to watch your scene, and most bottoms love cuddle time with their partner in the Aftercare Room.

What’s a “Service Top?”

A Service Top is an experienced Top/Dominant who enjoys kink enough that they’re happy to Top as a service, as opposed to Topping as part of a personal relationship – meaning they play without any expectation of reciprocity or sexual gratification. Our Service Tops have a wide variety of skills and interests. They’ll take the time to find out what you want, and get you where you’d like to go! 

What kind of play do the Service Tops offer?

Our Service Tops usually offer the following services:

  • Impact play (flogging, spanking, paddles, crops, canes, whips and whatever else may be handy and up your alley!)
  • Sensory play (hot, cold, rough, smooth, soft, hard, blindfolds, etc.)
  • Electricity play (violet wands)
  • Wax play
  • Bondage (rope bondage, cuffs, saran wrap, etc.)
  • Feel free to inquire about anything special, ideally before Dungeon night – see GingerSnap or any member of the Dungeon Crew

Can I have a specific Service Top if I have a preference?

If desired, you can request a preferred gender, or even a specific Service Top, when you check in. We suggest that you remain open to the possibility of working with someone else, in the event that your requested Service Top is unavailable.

Who is on the Dungeon Crew?

Our Dungeon Crew is made up of Tops, bottoms and switches. They are regular trip attendees who volunteer their talents and a considerable amount of their Desire vacation to provide this event for the rest of us! 

All Dungeon Crew members are vetted by the Dungeon Executive Committee. They are required to be experienced in kink/BDSM, and where possible, are active in the BDSM community. Many of our Crew members attend conferences, workshops and other educational events to ensure they are continuously learning and evolving their skills in various aspects of kink; some of our Crew members are even kink educators!

I want to play with my partner, but we don’t have toys or experience. Can we still play in the Dungeon together?

BDSM in real life can be quite different from how BDSM is often portrayed in TV/movies/books. We suggest that newbies to BDSM educate themselves on the basics and engage in negotiation & consent prior to play. The workshop offered earlier in the week is a valuable source of information.

Community Dungeon time is set aside specifically for partners to play together. Service Tops might be available during Community Dungeon to mentor less experienced players. Service Tops may loan their own toys during mentoring; we cannot guarantee that there will be loaner toys available for general usage. Please understand that Community Dungeon follows four hours of physically demanding Service Topping, so Service Top availability might be limited.  

If you are interested in being mentored, we suggest that you come to the check-in area at the beginning of Community Dungeon time. 

What if my partner and I have our own toys and just want to play?

Absolutely, there are many experienced players on the trip and we welcome them to play during the Community Dungeon portion of Dungeon Night, or throughout the week in the Palapa Dungeon. 

Everyone is expected to adhere to all posted and/or published Dungeon rules (see Dungeon Rules & Etiquette), follow RACK / PRICK guidelines (see FAQs), and play within their limits & experience levels – if it is not something you normally do at home, please think carefully whether it is something you should be doing in Mexico! Please reach out to GingerSnap or any member of the Dungeon Crew if you have questions or want guidance.

What should I wear during my scene?

That’s up to you! Many people choose to be nude / partially nude, but this is definitely NOT required! Clothing can change the sensations you will experience – not better or worse, just different. 

  • We suggest that you bring a hair tie/clip (if you have longer hair). 
  • If you want to be clothed during rope play, we recommend tight-fitting clothing, as loose clothing tangles up in the rope. Ideas: yoga tights/booty shorts/boxer briefs; a very tight T-shirt, tank top or sports bra. 
  • If you wear clothing during wax play, be aware that wax splatters and may end up on your clothes. 

We recommend that you bring the robe from your room to wrap up in after your scene!

Is BDSM play sexual?

This is a complex question. Some folx only engage in BDSM play during sex play. Other folx only engage in BDSM play completely separate from sex play. Some folx use it both during and separate from sex play. Some folks find certain types of BDSM to be sexually stimulating, even when their erogenous zones are not directly involved. 

During the Service Dungeon, you will NOT be touched in a sexual manner unless that is something that you specifically negotiate with your Service Top. Our Service Tops are regular trip attendees who volunteer their vacation time to help in the dungeon; they have free agency to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to any requested play, including sex play. 

During Community Dungeon and in the Palapa Dungeon, you and your partner are free to engage in sex play, as long as it is part of a BDSM scene and not just a place to fuck. 

What are RACK and PRICK? And FRIES? 

RACK: Risk Aware Consensual Kink. 

PRICK: Personal Responsibility, Informed Consensual Kink

Both of these common BDSM acronyms emphasize that any form of kink play should be done by people who are fully consenting, aware of the risks, and have negotiated the terms of the scene with their play partners. 

We encourage you to explore these resources, especially if you are new to BDSM. 

FRIES (courtesy of Planned Parenthood):

  • Freely Given: Consent cannot be freely given if a person is threatened, forced, blackmailed, or tricked into saying yes. If the person is drunk, high, impaired and/or unable to understand you, they cannot consent. 
  • Reversible: Anyone can change their mind about what they want to do, at any time. Even if they’ve done it before, or are in the middle of doing it now. Their partner should respect that change and not pressure them to continue or shame them for changing their mind. 
  • Informed: Someone can only consent if they know the facts to what they are consenting to. 
  • Enthusiastic: Consent is about saying yes to something that a person really wants to do. They are not saying yes because they have been pressured or guilt tripped by a partner until they give in. 
  • Specific: Saying yes to one thing does not give consent for something else. 

Will there be dancing anywhere on Dungeon Night since the disco is closed?

The courtyard and lobby bar will be hopping with plenty of non-BDSM fun and entertainment!

One of my kinks is listed as prohibited in the Dungeon. Can I do it in my own room?

What you do in your room is your business. We encourage you to follow RACK / PRICK principles whenever & wherever you play! 

Please be considerate of your neighbors and resort property & staff, and clean up any unusual messes (blood, scat, watersports, rainbow play, etc).  

Please note: All sharps MUST be disposed of properly – this means you must use a medical-grade biohazard waste disposal container specifically designed for sharps. Please do not dispose of sharps in any other types of containers (i.e. regular trash bins, empty soda bottles, etc).  

Where can I get some introductory info on BDSM safety?

The kink community values education and knowledge sharing. We suggest setting up a profile on Fetlife and accessing the Events tab, where you will find many ways to connect with other kinky folx. In many localities, you will find free / low-cost classes, workshops and other educational events on a wide variety of kink/BDSM topics for all experience levels. There are also social events dungeons/play parties and munches/sloshes (casual gatherings of kinky people in vanilla spaces such as restaurants/bars). 

For an extremely helpful beginner’s resource on BDSM health and safety, as well as a general Safer Sex Guide, please visit https://nelaonline.org/publications/safer-sex-booklet. Or, for direct download of the guide formatted for mobile devices: https://nelaonline.org/files/download/43.  

A great resource for rope bondage safety can also be found at:  http://www.remedialropes.com/basic-bondage-safety

Rules & Etiquette

Dungeon Rules and Etiquette serve to minimize risk and show respect for others, especially trip attendees & resort staff who may be less familiar and/or comfortable with kink. The rules and etiquette apply to the Service Dungeon, Community Dungeon and Palapa Dungeon. 

  • The following types of play are prohibited:
  • Sharps play – any play that penetrates the skin. This includes needles, staples, knives, scalpels, etc. 
  • Fire/heat play such as burning, branding, scarification, cell popping. 
  • Wax play is permitted in the Service Dungeon & Community Dungeon; speak with GingerSnap or a member of the Dungeon Crew if you want to do wax play in the Palapa Dungeon. 
  • Watersports (urine), scat (feces) or rainbow play (vomit). 
  • Resistance play / consensual non-consent & rough body play. 
    • We want to keep things simple and ensure BDSM newbies feel welcome – therefore words such as No, Stop, Don’t and Red will ALWAYS halt play – no exceptions! 
  • Suspension is limited to those who have previous suspension experience, and requires an experienced spotter. If you need a spotter, talk to a host or Dungeon Crew member. 
    • For those who are tie-curious, remember that suspension typically requires the top and bottom to have many hours of rope time together, so it’s not really suited to service topping.
  • Sex is not permitted in the After Care Room. 
    • Sex is permitted in the Dungeon / at the play stations as long as it’s part of a scene and not just a place to fuck. Please be considerate of others’ space & scenes in progress. 
  • Risk & Consent: 
    • Practice RACK / PRICK, and FRIES consent model (see FAQs). 
      • If you are not educated on the risks, and/or do not have enthusiastic, informed consent, do not do it.   
    • Do not touch anyone without their express consent.
    • Do not touch other people’s possessions without their express consent. 
      • You may see arrays of toys/gear laid out. Assume these are people’s personal property, not ‘loaners’ unless otherwise directed.
  • Anyone tying is required to have an appropriate cutting tool (EMT shears, seatbelt cutter, etc.) visible on their person (such as on your belt). 
  • Respect the moment. Give dungeon participants the freedom to immerse themselves in their scene without distractions.
    • Keep voices low. Step outside to socialize. 
    • Refrain from critiquing scenes or providing narration / commentary about scenes.
    • Do not interrupt scenes in progress. 
      • This includes questions, comments, or gestures directed to the Top or the bottom. 
      • If you have concerns about a scene, find a member of the Dungeon Crew.
    • Refrain from kink shaming, including words, phrases, or facial expressions of dismay or disgust. 
  • Respect space. 
    • Watch scenes from a respectful distance. 
    • Do not walk through a scene or set up your scene too close to others. It is your responsibility to stay out of the backswing!
    • On Dungeon Night, the taped off area represents the Dungeon “walls”. There is no play or conversation across the tape line.
  • Talk dirty, play clean!
    • Use sheets/towels/puppy pads under bare butts, genitals or anything drippy. 
    • Clean up after yourself. Wipe down equipment, place used towels/sheets in the soiled linens pile. Note: During the Service Dungeon, the Dungeon Crew takes care of station cleanup.
  • Share the equipment. 
    • Service & Community Dungeons: Dungeon Crew will establish time limits if needed. 
    • Palapa Dungeon: be mindful of others who may be waiting to use the equipment. 
  • Photo / videos:
    • Dungeon Night: No photos or video inside the Dungeon, unless taken by a member of the Dungeon Crew, with the express permission of all in the frame. 
    • Palapa Dungeon: Photos/videos are permitted, as long as everyone in the frame (including the background) has given consent to be photographed.
  • Drugs / alcohol:
    • Drugs / alcohol can impair a person’s ability to consent, and can impede motor function and sensation / ability to judge pain. For these reasons, we strongly encourage everyone to play sober. 
    • During Dungeon Night, the Dungeon Crew members’ judgment is final regarding whether any individual has had too much to play safely in the Dungeon.