Theme Nights

Nights at Desire are your opportunity to be a part of the themed masquerades. The Swingset's own Pixie and Damien have carefully curated the theme nights for the past five years of trips. Below are 2022's themes, curated from the best of previous years.

Saturday: Saturday Morning Cartoons
Silly, childish, uncomplicated, and sickly sweet – and that's just the breakfast cereals! What do you think of when you think about Saturday Morning Cartoons? Comfy jammies? Silly characters? The beginning of a life long love affair with animation/anime? Or does your brain go somewhere else? Please share!

Sunday: Stage & Screen
Come as your favourite iconic (or less than iconic) character or couple from stage or screen. Plunder the best/worst films, plays, or musicals that pop culture has to offer. Rocky Horror, Hedwig, Gone with the Wind, Bill & Ted, Romeo & Juliet. So. Many. Options.

Monday: Fetish & Kink – Oh my Goth!
A night full of vampires, villains, and their willing victims – lace, leather, and gothic splendor. No costume is too over the top, or too dark.

Tuesday: Fractured Fairytales
Come as your favorite, prince, princess, plucky sidekick, fairy godparent, or evil villain or henchperson. The only requirement here is that these stories all have to have (cough) happy endings. Kudos for the most bent, twisted, perverted, or original interpretation

Wednesday: Science Friction
Set your phasers to STUNNING! The universe is ours to discover on this night of sensual space folx, amorous aliens, and inter planetary sexploration. Pew pew pew!

Thursday: Heroes & Villains
When you think of heroes and villains where does that take you? Superman? Lex Luthor? Rey? Captain Phasma? Julius Caesar? Genghis Kahn? Catherine the Great? Madame Curie? Eliot Ness? Al Capone? Batman? Harley Quinn? Regardless, be your best or baddest (or both) sexiest self.

Friday: Pride, Sparkle, & Glow
Shiny, sparkly, fluorescent and glowing or full of rainbows! Shine bright you sexy people!

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