The Post 2021 Trip Portal

Hey Sexy Campers!

Cooper here. On behalf of Ginger, Dylan, and the many wonderful Swingsetters who put this trip together for you, I want to thank you endlessly for being a part of Life on the Swingset’s ninth trip to Desire Resort Riviera Maya! Over the next days and weeks, this pre-trip portal is morphing into a post-trip portal, which may feel bad at first, but really, it's all about giving you that place to still connect.

Sending all the love for now!
Cooper S. Beckett



There's still a lot of chatting and community over at Life on the Swingset's Discord Server. If you haven't yet joined, please do as we'll all want to talk to you. Just click the button below to sign up. This button also works if you're a member of other Discord servers. For your privacy, you can modify your display name to be whatever you'd like, but we recommend first names.

Photo Share

We who put this trip on are always in search of photos that we can share far and wide to entice people to our trip. If you have photos you're fine with us sharing, please upload them to our dropbox using the link below.

Dropbox Open Gallery

If you'd like to share photos with the group but not the world at large there are two link options for you. Our dropbox link will send them without attaching your name, and our google photos gallery will share your name. Please use whichever link you're most comfortable with. Any photos shared via the dropbox link will be added by us to the google photos gallery, but not be attached to your name.

Dropbox Group Gallery

Google Photos Gallery